Counselling – Eating Disorders


Sessions are charged at £50 per 50 minutes


A minimum of 48 hours notice is required when cancelling appointment/s, or the full fee is payable.


Update 25/04/21 I am currently fully booked and operating a waiting list.


It is possible to be waitlisted for an appointment. However, I am unable to guarantee timescales.

Eating Disorders are mental health illnesses which are often described as having poor rates for recovery. However, I believe that when a person engages in the right support with a therapist that suits their needs, life changing improvements and recovery can be possible.


Tell me more:


I understand Eating Disorders to be complex and recognise that they can be triggered by a wide range of factors. I therefore do not use a fixed, ‘one size fits all’, approach. I work with you, using my knowledge of these illnesses, combined with my counselling and therapy training, to help you forge your own pathway towards recovery. I offer you a safe space to explore the emotional components of your illness and help you make sense of the issues which may be causing, contributing to and maintaining your struggles. Thereby empowering you to make positive changes towards a healthier and happier life.


You can read more about my approach to therapy, and counselling in general HERE


I heard you’re an expert on Eating Disorders:


I have been involved in the arena of Eating Disorders for almost 15 years (so, even before I started counselling) and have done everything from assessing services through to training professionals in Eating Disorder awareness. HOWEVER, I wouldn’t call myself an expert because I don’t believe such a thing exists.


Eating Disorders vary from person to person, and although research and knowledge in the field is ever-expanding, there is still a lot we do not know.


I think calling myself an expert can give you as a client the wrong impression and can lead you to believe that you are coming to counselling therapy for an easy cure; something that does not exist. However, I do consider myself to have a very good grasp of these illnesses and have worked with many people on their pathway to recovery.


Do I need a diagnosis in order to access therapy with you?


No. You do not need a diagnosis or to meet any diagnostic criteria in order to access therapy with me. However, if you do have a diagnosis, then that’s okay too! I work with all the many different types of Eating Disorders and disordered eating and I believe that, irrespective of label, everyone deserves the same level of care.

Will you weigh me, or give me a meal plan?




Recovery from Eating Disorders is far more complex than eating a certain way, and weighing a certain amount. I have spoken with many, many people affected by Eating Disorders who tell me that they found that when treatment or therapy focused on their body weight or the food they were eating, that this only made things worse.


If your weight needs to be closely monitored for medical reasons, or if you feel a meal plan would be helpful at any stage, I will support you to arrange this via the appropriate professional such as your GP or a dietician.


Is there anything else I need to be aware of?


Yes – I believe that as a therapist who works primarily in the area of Eating Disorders, it is very important that I take the physical risk of these illnesses seriously. I am not a medical professional, and, by looking at you, there is no way for me to know if your behaviours are putting you at physical risk. This means that I require all clients presenting with Eating Disorders or disordered eating to be in regular contact with their GP. I will support you to arrange this if requested.


I think I want to access this service – now what? What should I expect?


If you feel you are ready to arrange your first therapy session, or have some further questions about doing so, your first step is to send me an email including a little bit about yourself and your reason/s for getting in touch. I can respond to your email or you can supply your phone number and a few “time windows” in which I might be able to call you in the next week.


If after this communication you are happy to proceed we will find a date and time for your first session. I will send you an ‘intake sheet’ for you to complete with your basic details.


At your first session we will review what working together will entail and explore how therapy might be of help to you.


It is at this point that we are likely to ensure your medical needs are being appropriately monitored and we can determine if you might need any additional support from other professionals.


If you choose to continue and book future sessions, these are usually on the same day and time each week (although I can offer some limited flexibility to suit your needs). Sessions with me usually last for 50 minutes or what we might refer to as ‘the therapy hour’ – and you might attend for short term therapy (up to 12 sessions) or longer term, depending on your needs.



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