Counselling – online


Sessions are charged at £50 per 50 minutes


A minimum of 48 hours notice is required when cancelling appointment/s, or the full fee is payable.


*Update 25/04/21 I am currently fully booked and operating a waiting list. *


It is possible to be waitlisted for an appointment. However, I am unable to guarantee timescales.

I completely appreciate that sometimes you might come across a therapist (or perhaps have them recommended to you), only to find that something prevents you from accessing their service. This is why I began to offer therapy online.


Why might I choose to have therapy online?


Perhaps I was recommended to you by someone else or you heard me speaking at an event and thought that I might be the right therapist for you – only to find that my practice is too far for you to travel.


Maybe you spend some of your time working away from home, or you are at university for part of the year, and home for the rest of the year – both circumstances which may typically prevent someone from accessing therapy consistently.


Alternatively, in this era of the internet, you might just prefer the idea of accessing therapy from the comfort of your own home.


While online counselling is not a direct substitute for face-to-face counselling it is certainly an option that is growing in popularity and which can be an ideal alterative for some people.

How does it work? Is it safe?


Online therapy is not that different from attending therapy face-to-face; using your laptop or tablet we will download a programme which enables us to both see and speak to each other in real time. All you need is a webcam, access to the internet, and a private space you can sit for the duration of your therapy appointment.


Some Counsellors do offer online services via Skype (a programme which most people are familiar with) – however, it is important to note that there are some doubts about the security of your data on this platform.


I therefore use a programme called ‘Vsee’ which offers a high grade of encryption, meaning that you can be confident that our sessions together are secure and confidential.


Once we have agreed to work together online I will simply send you a link to ‘Vsee’ which will allow you to easily download the programme and will also automatically add me to your address book. From there I will call you via the programme at the agreed time. If we run into any problems I will have your phone number on hand as a backup and will call you either to guide you through fixing the problem, or to finish our session.


Payment is made via direct bank payment prior to each session.


I want to book an online session – what now?


If you feel that you are ready to engage in online therapy the first thing you need to do is send me an email. My goal is to reply to all emails within 48 hours – however, at times it may take longer than this.


Once I have received your enquiry we will be able to discuss whether online therapy is the best option for you, what appointments I currently have available and hopefully arrange an initial session.


Please be aware I will require you to complete an ‘intake form’ which supplies me with your identifying and contact details. I am not able to offer anonymous therapy. I will also ask you to supply me with the details of your GP and, with your permission, I may contact them to ensure that online therapy is appropriate for you. While this might seem very formal, I do feel this is an important part of protecting your wellbeing and ensuring I am offering services in the safest way possible.


It is important to note that Online Counselling might not be appropriate if you are in crisis; such as contemplating suicide or at serious risk of harm to yourself, or someone else. If this applies to you, please contact a more immediate source of support – such as calling Samaritans or attending your local Accident and Emergency Service.



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