Supervision – Allied Health, Social Care and Education Professionals


Sessions charged at – £50 (per 1 hour) or £65 (per 1.5 hour)*


*Concessions for students available


A minimum of 48 hours notice is required for cancelled appointments, or full fee is payable.


Daytime, evening and weekend appointments.


*Face-to-face sessions are currently unavailable due to COVID-19*


I am unable to guarantee when in person sessions will resume.

Why might I access private supervision as an AHP?


Therapeutic Supervision is not something that AHP’s are required to attend and would be a service you choose to access alongside your usual workplace supervision. However, I do believe that a more therapeutically focused supervision can be of great benefit to you, your clients/patients/students and your working environment.


With so many health, social care, and education professionals reporting such high levels of stress, burnout and ineffective practice, supervision can offer you a safe space to discuss how your clients/patients/students are impacting on you, and how in turn you make an impact upon them. By reviewing your work and these impacts with a third party you can feel more supported, gain new perspectives and insights and feel more proactive in your work role, enabling you to continue to offer the best of yourself to your work.

How do you work as a Supervisor?


As a Supervisor, I aim to work with you in a non-judgmental, supportive yet challenging way. As a Humanistic Integrative Counsellor/Psychotherapist myself, I do not believe in setting a strict agenda for your supervision – because it is exactly that: YOUR supervision. I will therefore work with you to create the right balance of focus on your work role, your clients/patients/students and your own wellbeing.


At the beginning of a new supervisory relationship I will work with you to determine your goals and needs from supervision, and to establish an appropriate frequency of appointments. Some people choose to attend as frequently as once a fortnight, or once a month while others might attend quarterly or once each school term/semester.


I think I want to start accessing this service – now what?


If you feel you are ready to arrange your first supervision session, or have some further questions about doing so, your first step is to send me an email including an outline of your needs and giving me a few “time windows” in which I might be able to call you in the next week. This initial call is FREE and can take up to thirty minutes – it allows for me to explore what your needs and expectations are, answer any questions, and if at this point we choose to work together we will find a date and time for our first meeting.


Before attending your session/s it can be helpful to write some notes about what you want to talk about. Although not everyone does this (and it is not a requirement), it can help you to get the most out of supervision, and prevent you from leaving having forgotten to discuss something that was really important to you.


You may also wish to discuss your plan to attend supervision with your employer as they may be willing to contribute to, or even pay for your sessions.



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